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Daniel Mayo is a young Castilian-Leonese architect that has just started to make his wildest dreams come true.

In 2013 Daniel Mayo wanted to create sustainable and self-assembling wood houses and that is how he arrived to the idea of a sustainable and self-asembling hotel in the nature.

The 6 founders of VIVOOD –

Later, in 2015, with a team of five more members, two of them were Valencian architects (Agustín Marí and Pablo Vázquez) and also three designers and especialists in tourism, he decided to get involved in hostelery and tourism and that’s how they ended up designing, building and managing VIVOOD, the first Landscape Hotel in Spain, which is located in the «Vall de Guadalest» in Benimantell.

Daniel is also the CEO of the company VIVOOD ARCHITECTS, the architect (as we said) and the owner of the company which is something very uncommon for the architect to own the building that he is working or has worked on.

The location of the hotel –
Some rooms of the hotel –

The hotel is seen by many people as a resting destination, a place where you can disconnect and find youself again sorrounded by the outstanding view of the nature.

Joan Roig – Internet

He was able to make this project thanks to winning the firt edition of LANZADERA, a program where Joan Roig (Mercadona’s owner) supported financially young entrepreneurs and invested 1.16 millions of Euros. This hotel also invests in local products, works and colaborates with local bussinesses and uses solar panels in order to be more ecological and eco-fiendly.

The placing of the modules – Daniel Mayo’s Instagram

The architectural design was based on a reversible system that was imposed on the land, but that at the same time doesn’t damage the gound excessively.

Construction of the modules in warehouses- Daniel Mayo’s Instagram
Construction of the modules in warehouses –

This hotel has 25 different suits, by now, that are modules and were all built apart in warehouses and then transported to the final destination.

Modules transfer – Internet
Modules transfer –
Modules transfer –

All the modules were placed strategically with the helpp of a crane so that way they wouldn’t damage the terraces on the plot and neither the autochthonous spieces. the plot was studied a lot and the houses where placed where the nature allowed it, that is why the hotel is so spacious, because it embracees the nature.

Aereal view of the hotel –
Plan of a room –
Plan of the restaurant –