The work I’ve choosen is the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel, deigned by Daniel Mayo, Agustín Marí and Pablo Vázquez. The three architects are the owners and directors of the hotel.

The project started in 2013 but until 2015 they weren’t able to develop it because they didn’t had the economic resources to do so.

The architectural design was based on a reversible system that was imposed on the land, but that at the same time doesn’t damage the gound excessively.

To the main entrance and parking of the hotel you can have access by car, but then the rest of the journey will be by feet or by golf cars because they really wanted their hotel to be very ecological and self sustainable. For almost all the illumination they use solar pannels and in the cafeteria is 100% illuminated with balbs connected to solar pannels. But almost all the light is natural because the windows are really large and tall.

I decided to choose the plans that the architects uploaded to their hotel web, and also I had the chance to talk with one of the architects himself, Daniel Mayo so he could help me with some dubts that I had about the design.

The 25 individual modules or rooms that form this hotel are exactly the same, and were built and transported at the same time.

The suites were built in warehouses (separately) and then were transported to their respective place. For the modules Mayo decided to go for wood for all the walls, because it was more natural and also since the hotel is located in a mountain viusually is more pleassant and it camouflages better in order to give a better experience of relax to the client; different types of wood were used for the modules, they used darker wood and lighter wood to also give some contrast to the suit.

For the window frames they used iron, as well as for the «scaffolding» that holds the modules and is connected to the mountain. They decided to give the rooms big windows that illuminate with natural light all the room and also give amazing views of the mountain to the clients. Also, a lot of rooms have individual transparent horizontal pools.

All the hotel occupies a big amount of land because instead of excavating they decided to follow the curves of the mountain and edificated on this. The making process and also the hotel itself is sustainable for a lot of reasons. After all the wood they needed to make the rooms and everything they rebuilt more trees, the hotel invests in the local market because instead of using products of big companies they buy almost all their products the local shops of Benimantell and the surroundings. The employees of the hotel are all of them Valencian or Alicantinos.